High School Information

If not attending the neighborhood school, Northeast High School, 8th graders must apply for high school via the online School Selection process. Charter Schools, parochial and private schools are NOT included in this online process. For more information, go to: How to apply to high schools

Working Papers

How to get working papers to get a job if you are under 18 years old

Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Requirements for graduation

Bell Schedule

Zero Period-8:30-9:05

1st Period-9:05-9:50

2nd Period-9:50-10:35

3rd Period-10:35-11:20

4th Period-11:20-12:05

5th Period-12:05-12:50

6th Period-12:50-1:35

7th Period-1:35-2:20

8th Period-2:20-3:09 (Kindergarten is dismissed at 3:00)